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Here's what you'll learn in video 1: 

1. How this video series can help you achieve both maintainable weight loss AND greatly improve your health.

2. My personal maintainable weight loss story and why my friends use to call me "Trisha Food" in high school.

3. The 6 steps to take to get out of the diet cycle.

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Client Stories
"I haven’t felt this great in a long time."
"I was feeling depressed but now I'm getting things done and have tons more energy. My pain is decreased too. I absolutely know it's all from how I'm eating now.

I've lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks and I was certain that wasn't possible because most things I've tried took forever or didn’t work at all including Weight Watchers in highschool to Plexus a few years ago.

I absolutely feel like I can keep this lifestyle up. I don't even have to think about it or food anymore and I can just eat whenever I want.  Did I mention I’ve done all of this while traveling and without exercising?  That's next."

- Sarah Rosebrock, 33 years old, Training Consultant
"I've lost 20 pounds so far and I don't have to calorie count or measure anything."
"I'm not as tired and I have a better attitude now.  My co-workers are noticing it too because I was down in the dumps before. 

I've lost 20 pounds so far (and we're not even 3 months in yet) and I don't have to calorie count or measure anything which I love to death.

I like the food.  It's a good feeling.  It's different than the same old diets that fail after time.  It's a lifestyle change. 

I'd absolutely recommend joining Trisha's program."

- Kelly Serfas, 31 years old, Bethlehem, PA
"I’m so happy to eat until I’m full."
“And that's a new thing for me. I don’t feel guilty when I eat now and that gives me so much pleasure. 

I know I’m headed in the right direction and that feels good. I’ve lost 9 pounds in 5 weeks too which is amazing because I was losing my confidence before. I felt helpless… eating less and exercising wasn’t working even though I was really trying.”   

- Nadia Afrin, MD, MPH, Kupio, Finland
"My debilitating pain is practically gone."
"I wanted to lose 75 pounds when I called Trisha. But then she told me it’s possible to stop the progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus and maybe even reverse it so I signed up.  

My debilitating pain is practically gone in just 3 weeks! I’ve reduced my indigestion medication to once every 5 days vs everyday.  

I’ve lost 20 pounds so far and we’re not even 2 months into the program yet.” 

- Virginia Burton, Irmo, SC
"I’m comfortably wearing a dress that’s two sizes smaller now."
"It's been 6 weeks since working with Trish and I’m comfortably wearing a dress that’s two sizes smaller now. It feels good to take back control of my food and to make taking care of myself my first priority. 

I'm seeing and feeling myself shrink. I'm moving better and can bend over in seated position now from my reduced belly. 

My new diet has actually protected me in recent stressful situations which makes me extra happy."

- Ginny Padgett, Writer, Wife and Mother, South Carolina

"I reversed my type II diabetes." 
“I lost 24 pounds in 3 months eating optimally and I reversed my type II diabetes! My HbA1c went from 7.4% to 5.9% in 12 weeks! 

This happened after 20 years of unsuccessful Weight Watchers. I started eating this way because of a type II diabetes diagnosis, not to lose weight because I thought I couldn’t. I thought I was just built this way. 

I use to think I had no willpower when it came to food. It was my dirty little secret but now I know that’s not true. For the first time in a long time, I feel I can truly change my health.” 

- Swann Adams, PhD. Associate Professor, School of Public Health + College of Nursing, USC, Columbia, SC.
"I lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks WITHOUT exercise (that's the next step though) and my energy is up like it hasn't been in years. Shelby lost 12 pounds in 2 months. 

The food is good too. It's not even like a diet. Any other diet I'd be crashed and burnt off of it and would've gained the weight back. We eat as much as we want now and get comfortably full. It's the first time we've ever known that we're actually full. 

We absolutely recommend joining the program. You can keep the weight off and it works."

- Robert Hildenbrand and Shelby Quevedo, Easton, PA
"I’ve lost weight and friends have noticed these changes. 

I now fit into old clothes I couldn’t get into before. 

My face is thinner, my energy has increased and my digestion has improved. I'm proud of myself and I’m more in charge of my health."

- Amy Wright, age 54, Landscape Designer & Arborist, Elgin, SC
  "I wish I’d done this years ago."
“I now fit comfortably into pants I haven’t worn in several years and I’m eating loads of food! 

My total cholesterol dropped 60 points in 6 weeks.  I wish I’d done this years ago!” 

- Marcia Mikesh, Architect, Oregon
"my cholesterol dropped from 193 to 151."
“I had a 70% blocked LAD artery and couldn’t have surgery. Trisha advised me on how to change my diet and in two months my cholesterol dropped from 193 to 151. My weight dropped from 206 to 189 pounds. Deb is learning a new way of cooking. I eat as much as I want - of the correct foods. This is no fad, crash diet.”

- Joel Schmitz, Lutheran Pastor, Portland Oregon
"I’ll look back in a few years and say this made the difference." 
“It’s been six month since working with Trish -- I’ve lost 30 pounds, my cholesterol is now in the normal range (after 25 years of it being high) and I’m no longer on blood pressure meds after taking them for 7 years. 

I knew I needed help getting this lifestyle up and running and I think I can keep it up long-term now. There’s a good chance that I’ll look back in a few years and say this made the difference. 

I recommend working with Trish. 

I learned “I can do this,” how to stay full and that I don’t have to make everything from scratch to be successful. Trisha was helpful, knowledgeable and non-judgmental.”

- Tom Owens, PhD. Professor, University of South Carolina
"I was worried about the price, but it was worth every penny." 
"Before I worked with Trish, I took prescription diet medication and did Weight Watchers. They both helped me lose weight, but I got to a point of diminishing returns and got bored.  I was worried that I may end up with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease so I joined Trish.  

I lost 25 pounds and I’m getting compliments from friends.  I don't think I'm ever going back to the old way of eating. 

My cholesterol decreased by 60 points, my blood pressure went from 128/88 to 112/68 and my A1C dropped from 6.4 to 5.7 (all from a year ago).  I’m sleeping better and my digestion has improved too. 

I was worried about the price originally, but it was worth every penny.  I recommend signing up. It's made all the difference for me.  I now know I can do this, and the food tastes amazing. There are so many new things to try, and I can eat as much as I want!  Trisha rocks!

- Beth Hollingsworth, age 56, Database Administrator, Aiken, SC
"It's been 7.5 weeks since I signed up and I've already lost 15 pounds. I'm very happy with my results and progress so far... my digestion has improved, my husband likes the food (in fact, he thinks this investment is one of the best things ever), grocery shopping is easier, and the food tastes GOOD.  

I've never realized until now, that food can taste good and be healthy. I'm just thrilled with my results so far.  

I'm learning a lot of new information which I love... I'm 66 years old and I'm just learning how to eat... I'm realizing now I was clueless about nutrition, even though I didn't think I was."

- Kathy Bohannon Orscheln, Retired Emeritus Director of Admissions, Eastern Michigan University and proud Na Na :)


"I’m losing 3 lbs. per week. I feel better physically, mentally and I have energy.   

No more dieting or portion control. I eat all I want of the right foods nature has to offer.”

- Faith Clemente, Legal Secretary, Newberg Oregon

Before Sarah Rosebrock joined the program, she was struggling everyday with physical pain, getting out of bed and poor sleep from discomfort, she was fearful of chairs, and exercising wasn't possible.

After 3 months, here she is talking about having lost 26 pounds (even though she wasn't concerned about weight loss), looking forward to airplane seats and dancing around Disney World in a pink tutu and on is on track to start exercising again and is no longer in such physical pain.

- Sarah Rosebrock, 33 years old, Training Consultant, Columbia, SC
"I lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks WITHOUT exercise and Shelby lost 12 pounds in 2 months. We absolutely recommend joining the program. You can keep the weight off and it works."

- Robert Hildenbrand and Shelby Quevedo, Easton, PA

Ginny came to me when she learned that her late husband, Wade, was diagnosed with lung cancer and only had a few months to live. Ginny has Friedreich's Ataxia, a nervous system disorder and was in a wheelchair when we met and very limited coordination. Her weight and diet was holding her back from being more in control of her life in a way that she desperately needed during this challenging time in her life.  Within weeks, Ginny was successfully losing weight, gaining more mobility to better take care of herself and felt more in control of her life, despite the many challenges physically and emotionally she was facing. Her family and friends are constantly complimenting her on her visible health changes.  Her story is incredible. 

- Ginny Padgett, Writer and Mother, South Carolina
Kathy lost 20 pounds in 3 months and even dropped a pound over the holidays (which has never happened for her before. Ever).  I asked her if she feels she's able to continue succeeding on her own and keep this lifestyle change up. Her response... yes.  Part of what Kathy loves about eating optimally is the CONTROL she has with her health, weight and even doctor conversations around medications.  Her next goal is getting off blood pressure medication.

- Kathy Bohannon Orscheln, Retired Emeritus Director of Admissions, Eastern Michigan University

"I struggled with migraines for 15 years, had tried the traditional medical and medication route but was still struggling.  So I hopped on a call with Trish and got more clarity talking with her for one hour than I did from meeting with 20 doctors and neurologists I had appointments with. 

It's been 3 months since I joined the program and my pants are so baggy now there's room for both my arms to fit in my pants and I wasn't even trying to lose weight. I now have half the frequency of migraines I had since I worked with Trish AND I'm now completely off all of my migraine medications.  I'm completely drug free which is a really great feeling."

Tony Banta, Systems Expert and Business Owner, PA
Nadia Afrin, MD, MPH was really struggling with her confidence after gaining more weight than she ever had while living in a foreign country.  She had tried countless times to count calories and eat less.  She signed up for the program but was SCARED.  She was scared it wouldn't work or that she wouldn't be able to eat optimally long-term.  Nadia stuck with me for 5 months and she's now down 10 kg (22 lbs) and confidently and happily eating as much as wants whenever she wants. She's now successfully eating optimally while traveling to Italy, living in two apartments while working on her PhD and is so grateful that she is no longer depressed or scared about food, her weight and her ability to make permanent, lasting changes.

- Nadia Afrin, MD, MPH, PhD Researcher, 33 years old, Kuopio, Finland
A month ago Julie was diagnosed with diabetes.  The thought of having to do another diet or try to lose weight again was dreadful as nothing in the past ever worked (she'd tried A LOT of different things). In just 4 weeks in the program Julie has dropped 13 pounds WITHOUT weighing food, counting calories or measuring anything. This is without exercise yet too! (that's next 😎).  

- Julie Languille, Marketing Consultant and Coach, HI
When Becky joined the program she was 345 pounds even though she was vegetarian. She prayed and prayed to find a maintainable weight loss program so when she found ours, she joined instantly. Becky lost 22 pounds in just 10 weeks and is confidently now continuing on her own. The wildest part? She joined mid-December... right before Christmas amongst the holiday madness. Becky's mobility has greatly improved and she feels she can do this for life. She's sleeping better, her energy is up and she overall feels better (plus she's losing 2.2 lbs a week consistently). But don't take my word for it... listen to Becky tell her own story (I don't do her justice) in our 12 minute interview here.

- Becky Morton, Aiken, SC. 
A Quick Overview Of The Program

This is important to know... if you can't abide by these rules, the program isn't for you...

There's NO calorie counting, NO portion control, NO eating less and NO meal replacements. 

Anyone who is invited into the program, that does do any of those things, gets a warning.  If they do it again, they're asked to leave the program.  


Because the goal is for this to be a sustainable and maintainable shift that you enjoy and get impactful results from, for years to come. The above makes a long-term solution less likely AND they're just not necessary for weight-loss and drastically improved health. 

Most of my students lose on average, 1-3 pounds a week by following this process.  Others have simultaneously stopped the progression of, or reversed, certain chronic diseases.

The students that are the best fit for the program (and get these results)...

- have at least 70 pounds to lose (but 115+ pounds is more common)
- may have an additional diagnosis or injury that's making health improvement more challenging 
- are highly motivated to make a change (needing accountability is just fine)
- will take direction, show-up, ask questions and PRIORITIZE our time together.

I work with you as your Nutritionist and Coach.  We connect as frequently as you need to be successful during our time together.  This is done primarily through video chats, but you'll also have access to me on my cell and texting whenever you need me for support, a quick answer, accountability or anything to make this transition more successful and enjoyable for you.

Here's the process we'll go through together (unless we've tailored it on the phone together to fit your unique needs even more).  You don't fit into a box, so your program shouldn't put you in one either...

The Program's Five Pillars
1. Your Unique Optimal Eating Plan

A specific and unique eating plan optimized to your goals and lifestyle. Why? Because if a plan isn't designed around your specific desired results, lifestyle and unique situation, it'll rarely work, especially long-term.
2. Optimal Eating Habit Formation

You'll learn how to adopt, MAINTAIN and ENJOY the habits needed to implement your Unique Optimal Eating Plan for the long-term... while traveling and in social situations etc., so you can continue to enjoy getting healthier while doing the things you love.  If lasting habits tailored to your specific lifestyle aren't formed, you'll never see lasting results which is what the program is all about.
3. Non-Food Barrier Removal  

We address anything non-food related that may be impeding on your weight loss and health goals (medications, exercise, stress, gut dysbiosis etc.).  The food is the most important part, but we don't want anything else potentially sabotaging or impeding on your results.  
4. Fine Tuning

Leveraging your current effort to maximum results once you have the fundamentals down.  You're already putting the energy into it, now let's see what small tweaks we can make to propel your results even quicker, with minimal added effort. 
5. Sustainability Plan

So you can 110% continue to succeed on your own for years to come.  If you can't do it long-term, then you'll be stuck again in just a few months and that's what this program is aimed at avoiding.  The goal is for you to continually get healthier and leaner every week, month and year, but LOVE the process no matter what life throws in you way.  This system is here to make life easier for you, not harder.

Client Stories Continued
I’ve lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks and my blood pressure is now normal — the doctor cut my medication in half! 

My mood is better too — I’m happier, calmer at work and I feel healthier. I’m even beginning to exercise a little everyday. My dream is to be slender, healthy and at my ideal weight and I’m now moving in that direction. Thank you Trisha. You’ve been extremely helpful with your approach.”

— Janice Pfeiffer, age 60, Las Vegas
I’m down about 27 pounds - close to my goal of 30. We certainly have taken your training to heart and our bodies are showing the results... thanks for opening our eyes to this lifestyle.”

— Rudy Taron, Quality Systems Engineer, McMinnville OR
Thanks to your classes I’m off my cholesterol medication. My granddaughter and I have both lost weight and I feel great! Your classes were thorough, informative and fired with your passion for your work. Thank you!”

— Hermie Kann, Retired Home Economics Teacher, Willamette Valley OR
“My immune system is stronger and I have less hip, leg and back pain. I feel healthier and younger everyday since changing my diet with your help. 

I’m experiencing a great unfolding of my heart and soul. I’m excited because now I’m in charge of my health and I’ve never been before. I’m truly pleased to be eating this way.

— Jerry Stutzman, Retired, Artist, McMinnville OR

"Within 30 days, I lost 24 pounds (while my husband ate ice-cream, chips and candy in front of me). The scale hadn’t moved for me in years even though I thought I was eating well. 

After 3 weeks, I received the best TSH reading I’ve ever had and my blood panel and blood pressure came back better than ever. I have hypothyroidism and I always felt defeated. My weight never moved no matter what I did. 

Some days are hard but I’m going for this 100%. I want to get my health back.”

— Linda Floyd, age 57, Accountant, Albany OR
“I'm really fired up about Trisha's work!”

— Kyle Homertgen, MD. 
“I didn’t think eating this way would work for me, but it did, and it’s easier than I thought. 

I lost 8 pounds (over the holidays too!), my clothes got looser, my digestion improved, my energy increased and I’m sleeping better — an extra hour a night! 

And people have taken notice of my weight loss. I also didn’t think I’d like the food, but I did!”

— Susan Collins, Columbia, SC

“My clothes fit looser, and I have little to no indigestion anymore. 

I’ve lost about 10 pounds in 3 months.

 Just had lunch with a friend who told me I was looking good! ”

— Joy Parks, Business Analyst, Columbia, SC
“I now have a new attitude about food. 

I learned how EASY, colorful, and tasty eating optimally can be. 

Trisha is a passionate, knowledgeable educator and I highly recommend her services—she makes learning FUN!”

— Linda Grove, Retired Medical Transcriptionist, McMinnville OR
Common FAQs
How much weight will I lose?  Will this actually work for me?
It depends on how much weight you have to lose (the more there is to lose, the faster and easier it is to lose it) and the extent to which you implement what you learn. My clients generally have at least 40 pounds to lose and lose on average, 1-3 pounds a week. Some have lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks while it takes others 12 weeks to lose 25 pounds. More importantly, each client has the system in place to continuously lose weight and improve their health over the long-term while ENJOYING the process.
What if I don't like to cook and I travel? Can I successfully lose weight and improve my health?
Absolutely. Part of what we'll do together is make optimal eating work for YOUR lifestyle. You have to be able to enjoy life in order to be successful. You DON'T have to cook only gourmet meals that take 2 hours to prepare or only eat organic for example. You can use the microwave, purchase packaged products and you can still go out to eat.  Whatever is best for your lifestyle, is what we'll plan around.

What if I have an additional diagnosis? 
Book a consultation (it's free) and I'll let you know if I think I can help you or not considering your unique situation. If I can't, I'll let you know and send you to someone else who can. I've helped clients reverse type II diabetes, stop the progression of advanced heart disease, highly reduce Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, lose weight with a Fredreich's Ataxia diagnosis and more. In almost all cases, eating optimally can't hurt, but can only help.
Do you have a guarantee?
I guarantee that reward doesn't come without risk or investment.  I guarantee that if you continue down the path that got you stuck in the first place, or take the wrong or long path (again), you'll continue to be stuck or health improvement may be very slow. When I was stuck with my weight (even though I was eating well), I hired an expert to kick my butt into gear and do exactly what she said and it worked. I've lost 20 pounds 8 years ago now and have never gained it back. I never counted calories, never forced myself to eat less and I'll never ask a client to do that either. My clients wouldn't on average, lose 1-3 pounds a week if they wouldn't have invested in someone to help them get results as safely and quickly as possible either.  
How do I know this isn't a scam?
I respect this question because I'd never want you or anyone to lose money to a scam. Have we spoken on the phone yet? You can learn a lot about a person's character by having a long conversation (which I'm happy to do) with them. Then, listen to your gut.  

Also, does what you've learned from me make sense? Do you understand how it could work and actually help you? You shouldn't ever invest in anything you don't understand how it could actually help you progress in your life.  

Lastly, look at the quotes from my clients on this page. These are real people, real clients who've worked with me personally, to get results.
Webinar Replay
Copyright 2017 Trisha Mandes, Int. 

DISCLAIMER: The results stated on this page and discussed in the above training are from results achieved from actual clients and from research studies (in the training). Please understand these results are more typical for people who have a certain amount of weight to lose. We’re not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys “how to” information gets little to no results. We’re using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your current starting point, weight, motivation etc. All serious and sustainable health improvement involves consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT book a consultation.