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Maintainable Weight Loss and Longevity Even if You Can't Exercise
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Learn the exact process Trisha Mandes, MPHN takes her clients through in her $3,000-$12,000 coaching programs for FREE in her book The Optimal Eating Solution. 
No weight-loss pills, no counting calories or pushing the plate away, no shakes, bars and definitely no pre-packaged and required meals to buy. There’s no point in losing weight in ways that’ll make you sicker or are by their very nature, unsustainable. That's NOT what Optimal Eating is about.

Learn how to lose 1–3 pounds a week, without exercise, with a sustainable lifestyle change to shed pounds, feel better and do the best thing to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

Here's what you'll learn in the book...
The six steps to take to lose 30 pounds in 3 months even if you can’t exercise (or are allergic to it). 
The keys to losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way to lose 75+ pounds in the next year and keep it off in a way you’ll love. 
• How this same system could help you reverse certain illnesses, get off medications and get the best lab results you’ve had in years
• How to avoid emotional eating and sabotaging thoughts so you feel as good mentally as you do physically. 
• The biggest traps that could sabotage your weight loss and health and how to not fall for them. 
• Why there's no counting calories or points, measuring portion sizes, poppin' pills or supplements and no buying shakes, bars or meal replacements. 

Here's what you get FREE with the paperback of The Optimal Eating Solution...
The book comes with a free resource website to help you IMPLEMENT what you learn because I want you to get the most out of the book.  Here's what's included in the free Optimal Eating resource website...

- 75 Optimal recipes
- Meal planning and prepping template
- Expert interviews
- A chance to chat with Trish for a free decision making call
meet the nutritionist behind the book
Trisha Mandes, MPHN
Nutritionist, Trisha Mandes has been helping clients lose weight and get off medications with Optimal Eating, even when exercise isn’t possible, for the last decade. 

She currently runs a weight loss and health improvement coaching program, online, where 100% of her program graduates have lost on average, .5-3 pounds a week without eating less or counting calories. 

She’s published scientific papers in the Journal of Geriatric Cardiology, Translational Behavioral Medicine and Health Promotion Practice. She was the Lead Nutritionist for a dietary inflammation management study at the University of South Carolina, worked on a Diabetes Team for the Native American Rehabilitation Association, a Nutrition Educator for the Food Trust and received a Masters of Public Health Nutrition from the University of Eastern Finland. 
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What Doctors and Researchers are saying about 
'The Optimal Eating Solution'
What More People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Super practical guide that WORKS!
Review By J. Lang.
I loved this book. It was SO informative about the real science behind optimal eating. Following the guidelines in this book, I was able to lose 42 pounds, despite my busy schedule, and during one of the most hectic times of my life. Trisha gives you guidance not just for what to eat, but how to handle mental obstacles, food prep, social situations, eating out and travel. It's super practical and it works.
The keys to health!
Review By Terry Sumner
This book is very informative! Not only does she educate with proof to support her eating plan but she also gives specific details to help one use the info successfully. I am so excited with the results I am seeing/feeling in just the 1st week! I would recommend this book to anyone looking to be healthier!

“The Optimal Eating Solution combines science and practical how-to advice into an easy-to-follow blueprint for weight loss and health. Nutritionist Trisha Mandes has condensed her years of experience into a concise book that can guide anyone to optimal health.”

Pamela A. Popper, PhD., N.D., President Wellness Forum Health

“Trisha worked as a nutrition interventionist for me on a research study and she had boundless energy that truly motivated our participants to make amazing changes to their diets.”

Brie Turner-McGrievy, PhD, MS, RD. Associate Professor, Department of Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior. Deputy Director, TecHealth Center, University of South Carolina; Arnold School of Public Health

"As a medical doctor, I applaud Trisha's combination of the science and lifestyle habits in this guide for maintainable weight loss and improved health. I recommend her book to my patients and I'm fired up about her work!"

Kyle Homertgen, M.D.

What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
The top three most important things you'll learn in The Optimal Eating Solution are... 
  • an effective and evidence-based plan for shedding pounds while simultaneously improving health.  
  • The 12 Optimal Eating habits to implement so your results stick long-term aka behaviorchange
  • How to end emotional eating and not give into sabotaging thoughts aka cognitivechange.
Chapter 3 shares the 10 principles you that will surprise and delight you about Optimal Eating so it sticks longs-term.
Chapter 4 explains the research behind Optimal Eating and how to discern junk nutrition info from worthy research too.  
Chapter 6. is a step-by-step guide sharing exactly what to eat and how to achieve lasting weight loss and improved health. 
Page 63. you'll learn how to eat more food to sheds pound and not feel hungry while lowering the numbers on the scale. 
What readers and clients have to say about 'The Optimal Eating Solution' and its effects...
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
I am flabbergasted!
Review By Mrs. David
I am astonished at what Trisha’s book has already done for me, and I haven’t quite finished it yet. I have put each principle into practice as it was presented, and I am losing weight like crazy, without feeling hungry. She presents wonderful, practical steps for successfully deflecting cravings for less than optimal foods. I can hardly wait to finish the book to see what else I can apply to make my eating truly health-promoting.
Feeling motivated to get my life back
Review By Kevin F
I am excited to begin my weight-loss for a healthy life. The timing of this book could not be better for me. I have been overweight almost my entire adult life and recently have been diagnosed with one problem after another. I have made up my mind to get my life back and after reading this book I feel motivated to begin my new journey.

"Trisha, I am flabbergasted at how well your diet is working already... I started 3 days ago (Thursday 9/6/18) and have lost 1 pound each day (Was 163 lbs., now I am 160 lbs, at 5'6", 66 year old female.).

Thanks for your book and your help. Still reading through the book, taking notes, writing down my sabotaging thoughts and helpful replies, giving myself daily credit, and eating according to the plan."

Advanced copy book reader, September, 2018

"I have lost a lot of weight even without meeting with you because what you teach is so clear and I will start again now that I've had the refresher course from the book! THANK YOU!"

Advanced copy book reader, September, 2018 

"Your eating program is simple and effective. I have lost almost 10 lbs. in 4 weeks and I feel great. Thank you Trisha for writing this book."

Advanced copy book reader, September, 2018 
"I’ve been eating optimally for a year now and I’m down 65 pounds! It feels great to take back control of my food and to make taking care of myself my first priority. 
I'm seeing and feeling myself shrink. I'm moving better and can bend over in seated position now from my reduced belly. My new diet has actually protected me in recent stressful situations which makes me extra happy."

- Ginny Padgett, Writer and Mother, South Carolina

"Before the program I felt sluggish, had pain in my lower back and knees, I couldn't sleep through the night from night sweats and hormone changes and I was just struggling to make it through the day. I always had to take naps after work.  
Just 2 weeks into the program though, the hot flashes were gone and my energy boosted almost instantly and in 10 weeks I also lost 18 pounds. I literally feel like I've found the fountain of youth and it's been fun!"    

- Naomi Dickerson, 51 years old, Charlotte, NC

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